Wear it!

Wear your Bracelet on your wrist or put it on your key ring as a reminder to live your faith and hand out hope to others.

Share it!

When others ask, “What’s up with the bracelet?”, be ready to share Ephesians 3:20 and how God is “immeasurably more”-bigger than any problem you face.  Then, give him/her the bracelet to wear as a reminder that God is bigger than his/her problems too.

Give it!

Give a bracelet as a gift to someone. Write a note to tell why that person is special. 

Send it!

Do you have an out of town relative, missionary, friend who lost a child, or soldier you’d like to stay connected to?  Send a bracelet and keep one for yourself.   Each time you look at it, you will be reminded of that person and prompted to pray.  

Friend it!

Tell a friend how grateful you are for him/her. Tell your friends about this offering.

Write it!

Grab a pen and write down how God reveals Himself to you when you wear your bracelet.


Think of yourself “on assignment”, as a spiritual reporter. Record  people, places or life experiences you encounter with God.  Write your “immeasurably more” bracelet story and send it to us at info@hopelifters.com .  If it’s chosen, we’ll include your story on our website and you’ll receive another one free. 


You’ll also be entered in our “Immeasurably More” Grand Prize”  drawing for a special prize.

Pray it!

Pray Ephesians 3:20 for others.


“God, please do immeasurably more in _______’s life according to Your power at work within __________, to you, God, be the glory.”