Photographer and Hopelifter Contributor – Starr Ayers

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I met Starr Ayers in 2011 when she flew in to attend my small group writer’s retreat weekend in Arizona because her friend, Erica, who had attended the previous year, invited her.  (This is a typical hopelifter lifestyle, to spread hope by sharing with others what we’ve experienced.)
photographer and hopelifter contributer starr ayers
Starr’s passion for Jesus , for God’s Word , for creation and for people was obvious  to me and so was her  creativity.  I’ll never forget her sharing her dream to create a photo devotional and also listening to her read her someday-to-be -published children’s book to our group.   Starr’s  persevering  and positive spirit inspired me when I learned she is a mom to an adult  child with special needs and had lost her precious mother, just two weeks before our writers retreat .  Both issues struck a chord with me because I know many  who are grieving the loss of a parent and families with special needs children and need others to support them.  So, I invited Starr to be a contributor to my book, Hopelifter, and  write Recipes of Hope to help those suffering through the loss of a parent or a special needs child.  

As I prayed about the website and the verses of hope I wanted to include,  “add photos”, was  a thought that popped into my mind.  I liked this idea because  color and the beauty of nature brings me hope, even in a photo on my computer.  Then God brought Starr’s name to mind. When I contacted her, she enthusiastically agreed to provide her photos for our site.  I believe you’ll be inspired as you view God’s creation and experience hope through her photos.

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