Prayer Box

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Prayer Box

Long Distance Family

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  1. 1 Small Box with a lid (decorate it if you like)
  2. Slips of paper
  3. Pen
  4. Optional: 1 Small Box with a lid (matching yours to give to a family member or friend)
  1. I’ve discovered you can keep long distance loved ones close in heart with prayer. Prayer knows no boundaries. I purchased a small sequined gift box and transformed it into my prayer box. It sits on my desk as a daily reminder to pray for my far away family. Sometimes I write specific requests or scriptures on slips of paper and place them inside the box.
  2. I bought my mom a matching prayer box like mine and when I visit her, we use hers, lift the lid and spend time praying for family members together.

Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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