Speak Up with Confidence (Jan 17 – Jan 18)

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A Christian Communication Seminar for men and women

What is Speak Up With Confidence?

Speak Up With Confidence is a two-day seminar for men and women who are interested in developing the skill of speaking with greater confidence, clarity and creativity.

In this seminar, you will gain the tools necessary to craft a meaningful message and learn to effectively share it with an audience. This is an invaluable learning experience for those at most levels of public speaking – from small groups to large audiences. You will have an
opportunity to practice what you are learning in small interactive groups.

Your options include learning how to prepare your personal testimony, how to study and teach the Bible with clarity, and how to develop unforgettable illustrations and powerful delivery skills. (You may also choose to prepare a customized message that meets your personal, ministry or organization’s needs)

You will also have the opportunity to choose and attend two specialized workshops.
The primary goal of Speak Up With Confidence is to bring God glory in our leadership roles by improving the quality of Christian communication.


Meet The Instructor

carolThe seminar instructor is Carol Kent, author of Speak Up With Confidence, the award winning book, When I Lay My Isaac Down, A New Normal, Between a Rock and a Grace Place, Becoming a Woman of Influence, the soon-to-be-released Unquenchable, & more.

Carol is a popular national and international public speaker best known for being dynamic, humorous, encouraging, and biblical. She has been a keynote speaker at many arena events including She has been a keynote speaker at many arena events, including Women of Faith, Extraordinary Women, and Women of Joy.

She regularly appears on a wide variety of nationally syndicated radio and television broadcasts.

She is the president of Speak Up Speaker Services, a Christian speakers’ bureau, and the founder and director of Speak Up With Confidence seminars, a ministry committed to helping Christians develop their communication skills. She has also founded the nonprofit organization, Speak Up for Hope, which benefits inmates and their families.

She holds a master’s degree in communication arts and a bachelor’s degree in speech education. She has taught speech and drama, and directed women’s ministries at a large Midwestern church. She is also on the advisory boards of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and MOPS International.

Optional Workshops Choose 1 per session

Session 1

Unleash ‘Your’ Creative Potential

Team teaching by Anne and Don Denmark Bio

“Life continually involves problem solving. Creativity is the key to figuring out how to get from point A to point B. When you’ve never done it. It is the act of generating new ideas. Without creativity, you run the risk of becoming obsolete in our rapidly changing marketplace.” – Rick Warren

Refresh your speaking by developing your God-given gift of creativity.

The Information Age gave us rich resources. What today’s world needs is your creativity to present information and solid truth in new ways. Your message must address new problems, reach new ears, and transform hearts. Sharpen your creative edge by exploring thinking techniques of highly creative people.

Unleash your creative potential as you specifically develop new perspectives for speaking topics,playfully explore your speaking niche, break down fear barriers and put your thoughts into production.

The Masterful MC

Ginger Shaw Bio

Master of Ceremonies? You usually end up with one of two kinds: the “natural”, upfront personality, who does an off-the-cuff job; or, the exhausted meeting planner, who is too consumed by other details to focus on this important role. Being a MASTERful MC takes planning, preparation, and presentation skills unique to the job. Join us in IMPROMPTU CAFE where we will explore the characteristics and the communication skills of an excellent MC. Includes creating a climate, opening with flair, making great introductions, keeping the program on track, handling the unexpected, and ending strong.

Hopelifter: Spreading Hope When Life Hurts

Kathe Wunnenberg Bio

When someone you know is suffering, what do you do, say or pray? How do you offer encouragement and communicate hope to hurting people?

Whether it’s mailing Kleenex to a grieving friend, mobilizing a multitude for a strategic cause, or offering a timely word or a tangible gift to a stranger, when you are willing, God can and will transform anything in your life into hope for others.

This workshop will:

  • Enlarge your understanding about hope
  • Encourage your creativity
  • Equip you to be a hopelifter and communicate hope to just about anybody!

Turn Your Writing into Speaking

Judith Couchman Bio

Are you a writer with online or printed material? Turn your writing into speaking! Your blogs, books, scripts, articles, letters, curricula, and social networking can shape formal speeches and casual presentations to groups. If you consider yourself more a writer than a speaker, more an introvert than an extrovert, this session offers a workable philosophy and practical guidelines for using your written work as a springboard for speaking. The more you publish, the more likely you’ll be invited to speak. In this session you might discover you’re already halfway prepared.


Session 2

Reaching Your Audience with ‘Style’

Team Teaching by Don and Anne Denmark Bio

Communicate so your audience will ‘hear’ your message. We naturally communicate using our dominant learning style. This workshop looks at how you see your world and information. It then combines how your brain processes and stores information. Four styles evolve from this analysis.

Bring one of your prepared messages or an outline and we will work together to identify key teaching and presentation techniques to impact your audience with each of the styles.

Aim for Results

Bonnie Emmorey Bio

Are you interested in taking your speaking to the next level? Do you want to go from Inspirational to Transformational? This session will give you the tools to make that happen. Discover the secret to having your audience actually remember and apply your message to their own lives. Learn to work within an aim frame and you will never be long-winded again. This technique will give your audience take home value.

Moving People from Compassion to ACTion

Ginger Shaw Bio

Are you passionate about a social issue or injustice in your community or world? Do you want to speak up and “do something” but don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you’ve just returned from a mission trip or long to go on one and need to share the need or mobilize support. How do you speak up with confidence so others will hear and get involved? In this workshop you will learn ways to move from an idea of compassion to reality with ACTion.

Prayer Strategies for Speakers

Kathe Wunnenberg Bio

Speakers need a strategic network of people to “lift them” through obstacles, opportunities, transitions, seasons and success. They also need an intentional plan to nurture themselves. Whether you’re a new or seasoned speaker or somewhere in between, in this workshop you will experience creative ways to strategize, mobilize and personalize prayer in practical ways so you can speak and lead well.

Comments about Speak Up With Confidence

“Carol’s communication skills are finely tuned. Her personality is alive, fresh and effervescent. Her teaching is clearly focused on assisting fellow believers to be better communicators of the work of God in their lives. Speak Up With Confidence will give you great encouragement and many practical helps in developing and sharpening your speaking ability.”

Dennis and Barbara Rainey, National Directors, Family Ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ

“When Carol Kent speaks, people listen! She is a highly trained, energetic and gifted woman. Her insight and understanding of people, as well as her ability to communicate God’s truth, make her one of the leaders in the Christian women’s world.”

P. Matthews, Director, Creative Ministries, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Speak Up With Confidence is a MUST DO for people who are committed to Christ and want to communicate their faith with greater impact! I’ve attended several Speak Up With Confidence seminars and continue to learn fresh approaches to enhance my writing, speaking, business, and ministry leadership.”

Kathe Wunnenberg, President/Founder, Hopelifters Unlimited, Phoenix, Arizona


Your registration fee includes:

  • Your choice of 2 workshops
  • 2 days of interactive training
  • Seminar notebook
  • Snacks/Beverages
  • Lunch on both days
  • Only $175!

There are a limited number of partial scholarships available for the seminar.
If you need financial assistance to attend, please email Kathe (kathe@hopelifters.com) to request this help.

For more information or for special group rates or payment options, contact Kathe at 602 402 9718

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To Register by Mail

Enclose your check (made out to Hopelifters) and your registration form and mail to:
Kathe Wunnenberg
3502 E Desert Willow Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85044

For more information or for special group rates or payment options, contact Kathe at 602 402 9718

Kathe Wunnenberg

Kathe Wunnenberg is a hopelifter. She believes God can use anything you offer Him-a place, possession, person, or personal life experience-and transform it into a meaningful resource of hope for someone in need that can be multiplied. Known for her visionary leadership, creativity, and compassion- in-action lifestyle, Kathe is a communicator and connector who loves to offer biblical solutions and practical resources for real-life problems.

God has sustained her through numerous life challenges including infertility, miscarriages, adoption, carrying a child with a fatal birth defect, the loss of her son, starting, leading and leaving a ministry, depression, birthing babies in her forties, and parenting extreme children…yet she allows her hurts to be used to help others.

 A former media sales executive and director of a non-profit organization, Kathe is currently the founder and president of Hopelifters Unlimited, a resource and training organization she started in 2005.

In 2010 she launched Hopelifters Hope on Wheels, Christ centered chartered bus day away adventures to encourage hurting and weary women. Her annual “Mother’s Who Have Lost Children’s Bus” is one of her favorites. She also creates and offers specialized retreats for small groups of women.

Kathe is the author of four books: Hopelifter: Spreading Hope When Life Hurts, Grieving the Loss of a Loved One, Grieving The Child I Never Knew, and Longing for a Child. She is a consultant, freelance writer, speaker, mentor and serves as a trainer for Carol Kent’s, annual Speak Up Conference in Michigan. 
Kathe lives in Phoenix with her husband and their three sons.

Judith Couchman

By the third grade Judith Couchman knew she wanted to write. Then after she became a published writer, readers invited her to speak to writers and Christian groups. With trembling knees and a churning stomach, Judith gradually added public speaking to her career—and eventually she learned to enjoy it.

Judith has published 44 books, compilations, Bible studies, and contributions to Bible projects. Whatever the topic, Judith leads readers to consider their spiritual transformation in everyday life. Her brand focuses on “Living with Purpose and Passion,” promoting finding your purpose, spiritual transformation, and making a difference in the world.

Judith has worked as a full-time freelance writer, speaker, and writing coach for eighteen years. During this time she created the Write the Vision retreats, intensive weekend gatherings for female writers, and the Designing a Woman’s Life seminar, a one- to two-day workshop helping women find their purpose and passion in life. She’s also spoken to professional and women’s groups around the country, and has served as a magazine teacher and consultant to nonprofit organizations overseas. In recent years she’s spoken to groups in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, and Switzerland.

Before working as an author, Judith founded and served as editor-in-chief of Clarity, a national magazine for women. She’s held jobs as an editor, journalism teacher, communications director, and public relations practitioner. She’s also received national awards for her work in each of these positions, and for her books.

In addition to her publishing career, Judith teaches art history courses as a part-time instructor for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the Colorado Community Colleges online.

Judith holds a B. S. in education (English and journalism), an M. A. in journalism, and an M. A. in art history. She lives in Colorado.