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goatI’m glad you found us and hope you’ll be encouraged by our variety of resources and ideas that will help you reflect God’s creative love in action.  Hopelifting is for anyone willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need of comfort and care.  We believe God can transform your resources of people, possession, places or personal life experiences into tangible hope that you can give to those who are hurting.   Our vision is that hope will become contagious and spread like wildflowers.

I started Hopelifters in 2005,  during a a time of transition and healing in my life, although I’ve lived the principles of hopelifting for most of my life. At that time my life was busy with speaking, writing books, mentoring and parenting a teenager and two preschoolers.  When a friend suggested I take a personal retreat to spend time with God and recharge, I took her advice.  While soaking in solitude in a serene setting two hours north of Phoenix, along a tree lined creek, God whispered to my heart.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  Then He flooded my mind with memories of a similar country setting-the small Missouri town where I grew up.

I recalled my family of small business owners and community servants: Grandpa owned the general store.  Dad owned the gas station.  Mom owned the hair salon.  Uncle Bob, was the funeral home director.  Uncle June was the postmaster and Aunt Wilma’s, she was the bank teller.  I even had a quartet of singing cousins. I pictured myself pumping gas for my dad and delivering food to elderly neighbors with my mom.  One of my favorite flashbacks was bottle feeding my pet goat, Puddles.  

Then I remembered the Chinese evangelist who came to my little town when I was 7 and introduced me to Jesus Christ. That’s truly when I believe the seed of  hopelifters was planted in my heart and God used my hurts of my parents divorce when I was 9, moving, marriage, infertility, adoption, miscarriages, the death of my infant son, having babies in my 40’s, depression, and much more to grow my hope.

God used a personal retreat in 2005 to remind me of my human and spiritual heritage and reveal His plans for me to spread hope to other hurting women in need of His presence and healing. 

So I started inviting others to take a personal retreat and even gave them as gifts to my friends. Next, I invited small groups of women away for a weekend to connect with God and grow.  A few years later, I took chartered busloads of women away for a day with God and mentored others to spread hope too.   

Then I was asked to write the book, Hopelifter. Amazingly this website includes a listing of the 45 contributors from my new book, Hopelifter, many who attended my writer’s retreats.  These fellow hopelifters are willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus and have written stories that include creative ideas to help you help others who are hurting in a specific way. 

I hope you’ll check back often and receive hope so you can give it.  I’d love for you to join us in this lifestyle and movement to be a hopelifter and spread hope to a hurting world.


Your Hopelifter,



Author: Kathe Wunnenberg

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